So lately I’ve been really trying to focus on myself and my future. I’ve set a lot of goals and am trying my best to accomplish all of them. I’ve also determined what I want to major in: Environmental Science. I guess you can say I’ve also done some “spring cleaning” and have got rid of many so-called friends and people who just blatantly use me. I think everyone should be selfish once in their life and I guess I’m doing it now. I’m happy

Remember when I picked you up when school let out last fall?
We’d drive out where the houses ended
Trees lined all the roads
The leaves were changing color
As that autumn wind blew through my hair
The days were all so short that time of year
I didn’t mind that much
Neither did you

And when the sun set, we’d pull off the road and park
Turn off the headlights and climb onto the hood
The storms were clear and burned bright in that dark blue sky
We kept each other warm on that cool night

I thought things would be permanent, permanent

(Source: seethroughperson)


Someone get me drunk.


the cycle repeats again and again
shoot everything that scares you
one day it won’t be so easy to send another off in a casket
one day you will stand for your actions
one day it will stop
one day we won’t have to live in fear of a bullet with our name on it


It seems close to impossible to find a girl who will like you for your personality and not how you look. 


Love, love will tear us apart again.